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Conservatorship Case

Howard and Michele are true professionals. I connected with Howard because of his compassion when we spoke for the first time on the phone. Then I was fortunate to learn that Michele was also going to be my attorney. My case was a long one, it took over 3 years from start to finish. But, through their assertion, strength, and patience, I was over the moon with the outcome and end result. I am forever grateful for having met Howard and Michele!
Reyna D., July 1 2015

Trustee Removal Case

Michele and Howard are wonderful attorneys. They met with me together and actually took a very messy situation which could have been disastrous, and formulated a game plan. It is really funny because Michele would have one, and Howard another! They did everything I asked and had documents ready when requested. Michele handled some calls for me when I felt uneasy to address certain situations. She went out of her scope which I thought was great! Howard did the same!

I ended up sending them a gift and maybe further down the road if time allows, treat them to dinner. Great lawyers who work politically well with other lawyers and follow a set plan.
Joan S., April 29 2015

Accounting / Trust Contest Case

Michele Carmeli and her firm guided me through a frustrating, emotional lawsuit with great competence and compassion, and an eye on keeping costs down.
Phil D., 2015

Trustee Removal Case

Our case is particularly difficult and messy, but Howard has been so supportive, easy to work with, very professional, extremely honest and fair. He is easy to communicate with and timely on all paperwork filed and phone calls and email responses. Whenever we are at the courthouse with Howard, he is frequently approached by the staff who are genuinely happy to see him. It is obvious Howard is a respected and admired attorney. I would highly recommend Howard Serbin.
Jill, 2011

Conservatorship Case

Typically, the decision to pursue a conservatorship is made after all other avenues have been exhausted in an attempt to protect an elderly parent. Knowing ahead of time that this is a rather complicated and emotional process, I set out to find experienced, yet compassionate legal representation to pursue a dementia conservatorship. I was fortunate in finding Howard Serbin and Michele Carmeli.

Howard and Michele are experienced professionals who are not only highly knowledgeable in this area of law, but also caring individuals who understand the emotional journey involved in pursuing a conservatorship. Their professional and cooperative demeanor was very beneficial, especially when dealing with agencies, attorneys and doctors in another county. Both Howard and Michele are strong communicators who always kept me apprised of what was going on, returned calls promptly and handled the legal paperwork quickly and efficiently.

Due to their hard work and intelligent handling of the case, the conservatorship process took less than two months and I was successful in obtaining conservatorship of my mother who so desperately needed help. Since then, my mother has passed away. After her death, I again relied on Howard and Michele to prepare all of the necessary documents related to her trust. Their help was invaluable and I will forever be grateful to both Howard and Michele for their exemplary legal guidance and compassion.
Kory H.,  February 2012


Howard is the best probate attorney in Orange County and I wholeheartedly recommend him. You could not find a better one!
Sandy B. 2011

Trustee Removal Case

One of the few attorneys I have met in my lifetime that is ethical, excellent communicator, hard working, and very knowledgeable. All attorneys should be as honest and dedicated to their client’s best interest as Michele is.
Ralph W., September 26, 2011

Trust Contest

Mr. Serbin handled a great number of the conservatorship, decedent and trust cases for over 30 years in Orange County He set the standard for legal process involving probate matters. He is very well known and very good. He takes on the most complex cases.  If you want a conservatorship or estate administration done right see this guy!
Patricia, 2011


I have known Howard for many years.. His experience with the County of Orange has given him great experience and knowledge of Probate, Conservatorships, Guardianships, etc. for both Orange County and other local counties. I would highly recommend him.
Dorothea, 2011

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